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The Dreaded About Page

Hey everyone, thanks for checking our blog. We are Shubhojyoti and Sumita (Boomboom and Sumi in short). We live in Bangalore and we are sporadic cooks. By sporadic, we mean that we do not cook everyday. Since both of us are employed and have a 8-5 job, sometimes we do feel lazy to cook. We also try to follow a low carb diet (Sumi has been more successful). We are Bengalis so no matter what we cook, a little amount of Bengali influence does enter all our recipes.

Shubhojyoti aka Shubho aka Boomboom

Hiya. I am Boomboom. I have been online since 1999. I literally live online. I have dealt with WordPress sites since 2004 and I have been hooked ever since. Professionally I am a Network Protocol Tester. Its a typical job but I love it. My love for food has been like forever. And by looking at me you will understand why 😀 My mom is a wonderful cook and all my taste has been acquired from her. I started cooking properly ever since I started my job and began living on my own. And it became regular since I married my best friend 🙂 We both were not regular cooks so it was really tough at the beginning. But I guess we have improved over time.

Sumita aka Sumi

Hi all. I am Sumi. I always get stumped when I come to this page. I have been born and brought up in India and have always lived my life here. I married my husband Boomboom in 2008 after we have known each other for close to 6 years. Note the phrase “known each other” and not dating 🙂 Thats actually another story that I will tell you all someday. I work as a User Experience Designer here in Bangalore, India. Cooking is kind of a hobby that both Boomboom and me caught on after we got married and we HAD to feed each other 🙂

Our Cooking

Boomboom says – Our experiments with cooking started as a disaster. Sumi tells me she had never cooked in her whole life. But let me tell you, ever since she cooked the “first” time she really dealt with it like a pro. Yes she made mistakes too but overall her food is tasty. I, on the other hand, is a “fluke” cook. I have never been able to repeat the same taste in my dishes. I really don’t know why. There are only 2-3 dishes that I can replicate every single time. This is the reason most of the recipes on this blog will be Sumi’s 🙂

Sumi says – Don’t let Boomboom mess with you. I honestly don’t know how to cook. But the problem is not with me but the customer (Boomboom cough). He loves whatever I cook. Seriously if our roles would have changed, I would have left him a long time ago LOL. It’s a different story with him though. He cooks awesome. But he never acknowledges it. sigh

The Blog

Now its both of us – We both adore our moms’ cooking. They are excellent cooks and both have so different styles that we really learn a lot from them. The first 1.5 years of our marriage passed with us just experimenting and trying to copy our moms. We did succeed to some extent and loved having Bengali food. During this time, the idea for the blog was born. Since we were improving and forgetting what we did the last time, this seemed to the best medium to remind us how to cook. Around June 2009, fed up with our overweight bodies, we decided to try a low carb diet. The low calorie option didn’t work for us. Ever since we went on that diet, our food habit changed radically. Now we really have forgotten lots of Bengali recipes 🙁 However we try as much as possible to tweak our meals. We removed lots of older recipes because they were not that great and moreover we would not get a chance to improve and update them right now due to our diet.

We plan to update our blog regularly now and hopefully the posts will pick up. Do check back often. If you like our recipes, don’t forget to Subscribe to our RSS feed and stay updated.

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