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Fish Fry with Yoghurt Sauce

Indian cuisine is varied. There is not only a variety of food but even the ingredients used in different parts of the country are so different, sometimes ending up being downright conflicting. Take fish and curd for example. Bengalis swear by it. I posted a recipe before, Doi Maach, that combined these 2 ingredients. But these same ingredients together in one dish is taboo in South India. It’s the same with various other ingredients too. So funny really.

Back to our recipe, I was updating the blog today with a new theme and ended up using a theme from Studiopress. That was when I noticed, how slacky we have been with the blog. It was then that I decided that regular updates will be a part of this blog now. So when Sumi made this delicious recipe for the evening I just had to post it. This was the first time we actually got fresh fillet directly from the market. We usually have fresh water fish. But fishes like Rohu and Catla we get here in Bangalore are not fresh and tasty like in Kolkata. Hence we have moved towards sea water fishes like Emperor and Salmon which mostly have a neutral taste and smell. I hope you enjoy the recipe.

Fish Fry with Yoghurt Sauce - Emperor Fish Fry with Spicy Yoghurt Sauce
Fish Fry with Yoghurt Sauce - Emperor Fish Fry with Spicy Yoghurt Sauce


To Marinade Fish

  • Emperor (or Indian Salmon) fish fillet (approx 400gm) - 2
  • Salt - 1.5 tsp
  • Peppercorns (crushed) - 12
  • Lemon Juice - 12

For the Sauce

  • Yoghurt (thick) - 150gm
  • Fresh Cream - 100ml
  • Salt - 13 tsp
  • Garam Masala powder - 12 tsp
  • Black Pepper grounded - 12 tsp
  • Red Chilli powder - 12 tsp
  • Onion (small and sliced thin) - 12
  • Garlic cloves (minced) - 2

For Cooking

  • Butter - 100gm
  • Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp
  • Parsley (for topping) - 1 tbsp


Marinade the fish with marinade items and keep in refrigerator for 2 hrs.

In a non stick pan, heat 50 gm butter with vegetable oil, in low heat to avoid burning of butter. Fry each fillet one by one keeping the skin side on first for 3-4 minutes and then turning over the other side. You can cover the pan for quick frying and the fillets will stay moist.

Once the filler is fried, take out from the pan and set aside.

Mix well yoghurt, cream, salt, ground pepper, garam masala and chilli powder.

Clean up the pan. Put the remaining butter and onion. Saute till onion is translucent. Add garlic and lower the heat to minimum. saute for a min. Switch off the gas and add the yoghurt mix you just prepared. Mix well with butter sauce. Do not heat as yoghurt will become grainy then.

On a plate arrange one fillet. Pour half the sauce and top with fresh chopped parsley. Similarly arrange the other plate.

Serves well for 2 persons when taken as main dish and serves four when served as side dish. Can go well with pulao/rice.


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