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Onion Raita

We’ve been having Chicken for the past few days. Usually as a starter and dry version. But we all know it’s difficult to just eat such dish without a sauce or a dip. Our most common dip in such cases is a raita. Raita is a very common extra in almost every part of India and there are a variety of ways and techniques to prepare it. Well this is our version.

Onion Raita
Onion Raita


  • Curd (Yoghurt) - 200gm
  • Onion medium sized - 1
  • Tomato medium sized - 1
  • Green Chilli - 1
  • Chopped Parsley - 1 tbsp
  • Salt - To taste


Mix all the ingredients together and serve :p You thought there would be an extra step huh.

This make for a lovely dip.

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