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Simple Salad to start the New Year

Happy New Year everyone. It’s going to be an exciting year ahead. We wish to thank all those readers who have started reading our blog last year. Your support means a lot. This blog almost stopped getting any updates due to our real lives but thankfully we revived it towards the later part of 2011. Our total recipe count stands at 22 now. Not a great number but this year we promise to be regular in our posts.

So what are our plans for this year. Well personally my resolution is to make my low-carb diet work. I have just been able to lose little weight ever since I started my diet. The main reason being I was never consistent. Due to my past tryst with stomach ailments, the moment I felt I was feeling not well, I went back to carbs. But not anymore. We plan to follow a regular plan (with bits of treats for us in between of course). Sumi’s target is maintaining her weight (she is within 3kg of her ideal weight). My target is reaching my ideal weight+5. I know it is achievable, I just need more discipline.

Simple Salad to start the New Year - Healthy Salad Arrangement
Simple Salad to start the New Year - Healthy Salad Arrangement

With regards to this blog, we have plans to update this blog regularly with minimum 2 recipes per month. That should be a good start. But personally I would like to see that go up to 1 recipe per week. We are in good shape for the first few months as we have a bunch of recipes in the pipeline. I also have a collection of around 16-17 recipes by my mom which I wrote down and tasted during the New Year break when Sumi and I visited Kolkata. Of course none of them are low carb recipes, but then I do not follow the diet when I visit my parents.

So today I don’t exactly have a recipe for you. I just wanted to wish you a great year ahead and it already being 15th of Jan, I think I am already behind. So I simply show you a salad arrangement done by Sumi last year. This should inspire me to stay healthy. You all remember the last ice cream arrangement I posted about. Well this salad arrangement was done just 3 days before that. Sumi is really creative and she loves doing these. I hope she stays like this thoughout and I get to post more wonderful creations from her.

Happy 2012 everyone again. May you all have a peaceful and fulfilled year.

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